PICOMS is happy to introduce Diploma in Ealy Childhood Education for April 2018 Intake. This new programme is designed to address Critical Issues in Preschool Education in Malaysia in order to meet the requirement of having good pre-school programme. This diploma is timely as some teachers do not know clearly how to integrate theories into practice in which classes are more teacher-directed than children-centred. In fact, children with special needs are not included in the normal Preschools due to administrative reasons. While Preschool teachers need to teach using varied approaches in the preschool classes, there should also be creativity in teaching using varied methods to avoid boredom and poor responses from the children.

Programme Objectives

  1. To produce graduates as productive, responsible, and versatile educators
  2. To provide graduates with quality education related to early childhood development and care
  3. To prepare graduates to function as accountable and responsible childhood educators with the highest level of competence


Major Courses

  1. Introduction to Child Development
  2. Introduction to Early Childhood Education
  3. Skills for Preschool Teachers
  4. Management of Child Development Centres
  5. Child Language, Personality and Social Development
  6. Early Childhood Curriculum Planning and Development
  7. English Language in Early Childhood Education
  8. Play and Child Development
  9. Planning and Administering Early Childhood Programs
  10. Creative Materials and Activities for The Early Childhood Curriculum

Programme Prospects

As the Ministry of Education, Malaysia, is committed to focus on early childhood education, more pre-schools are built within the selected government primary schools. In fact, private pre-schools are booming in the major cities of Malaysia with the growing demand from rich parents to give their children early childhood education. Therefore, the graduates of Diploma in Early Childhood Education can fill this increasing demand either from public or private pre-schools in Malaysia as qualified and trained teachers.



Students of Diploma in Early Childhood Education will undergo practical training at prominent pre-schools for six months, either public or private. They will be exposed from basic pre-school operations to managing successfully pre-schools.