From 2014 onwards, the Malaysian Ministry of Education has officially announced that the General Education Subjects (GES) or mata Pelajaran Umum (MPU) will replace the Compulsory Subjects or MAta Pelajaran Wajib (MPW) for all private  higher education institutions in Malaysia.

There are four  (4) categories of MPU courses where a student must fulfill the MPU requirements.

U1 Appreciation of the philosophy, value and history
U2 Mastering of soft skills
U3 Broadening of general knowledge about Malaysia
U4 Practical management of community project



Each course is identified by its code and title according to the following scheme:

Note on Code of Subject:

  • 'M' indicate MATA
  • 'P' indicate PELAJARAN
  • 'U' indicate UMUM


Course Code starts with MPU (M=Mata, P=Pelajaran, U=Umum). The first digit denotes ;evel of program (Diploma), second digit denotes Component, third denotes serial number, and fourth digit denotes credit value. 

MPU refers to Mata Pelajaran Umum
a refers to the level of the program (1: Certificate, 2: Diploma, 3: Degree)
b refers to MPU course component (1:component 1, 2: component 2, 3: component 3, 4: component 4)
c refers to the series of number of subject offered in each component
d refers to the credit hour of the subject