Human capital development is one of the main agenda in the National Higher Education Action Plan towards achieving the Malaysian Vision 2020. The Ministry of Higher Education of Malaysia has taken measures to strengthen educational programmes and facilities so that it is appropriate, affordable, accessible and available to all. A skilled, knowledgeable, creative and innovative human capital is a prerequisite towards achieving a developed and high-income nation.

This program will assist business students to become more effective in their performance by helping them recognize the potential of the individuals in the work place and to develop a positive, supportive and constructive work environment, which would enable the human resources to optimally fulfil the organization strategic goals. Career opportunities for students in this program include as HR executives in compensation, training and development, industrial relation manager, prospect for HR students in getting a job in HR is better as more and more companies considered HR as the critical component of their organization success. Alternatively, HR diploma graduates can pursue to enrol for Bachelor in Human Resource Management at local universities, public or private, or foreign universities in UK, Australia or USA.