Graduates from this course may find employment as Medical Laboratory Technologist, Assistant Scientific Officer, Cytology Screener, Assistant Research Officer, Clinical Instructor, Infection Control Personnel and Sales and Marketing Agent in various healthcare settings which include:

  1. Government Hospital Laboratories - Ministry of Health (Juruteknologi Makmal Perubatan Gred U29)
  2. Private Hospital Laboratories
  3. Private Diagnostic Laboratories
  4. Research and Development Laboratories
  5. Crime and Forensic Laboratories
  6. Academic Institution
  7. Environmental Sector
  8. Epidemiological Field
  9. Pharmaceutical Companies
  10. Biomedical Instrumentation Companies



  1. Bachelor Medical Laboratory Technology (Hons)
  2. Bachelor Medical Laboratory Science (Hons)
  3. Bachelor of Clinical Laboratory Science (Hons)
  4. Degree in Doctor of Medicine (Science stream only)
  5. Bachelor of Dietetics with Honours
  6. Bachelor of Biomedicine with Honours
  7. Bachelor of Forensic Science with Honour