Retailing is a part and parcel of marketing principles, and hence deals with the choosy and educated consumers. As Malaysia is transforming into a digital economy, consumers are increasingly savvy as well, which has created opportunities for innovative start-ups and motivated traditional businesses to digitise their processes. Government-led projects such as Malaysia Digital Hub and Malaysia Tech Entrepreneur Programme will allow foreign technology firms to set up offices in the country and fuel the employment rate in the e-commerce, as well as digital and digital marketing fields. With these developments, local firms now have to face the recurring challenge of a limited talent pool due to the fierce competition among the outfits for top-tier professionals, and retail graduates offer the challenge of retailing, including online marketing.


The main objective of the Diploma in Retail Management programme is to provide students with broad-based knowledge, technical, operational and entrepreneurial skills to perform effectively and ethically in the area of retail management, inculcating the desire for lifelong learning and career development. It also aims to demonstrate relevant knowledge and critically appraise retail problems and responding to change and the consideration of the future of retail industry development and the environment in which they operate in Malaysia.


1. Marketing Principles
2. Retail Marketing
3. Retail Communications
4. Managing Retail Locations
5. E-Commerce in Retail
6. International Retailing
7. Franchise Management
8. Supply Chain Management



Students of Diploma in Retail Management will undergo practical training at big hypermarkets or prominent online businesses for six months, either local or foreign companies operating in Malaysia. They will be exposed conventional retailing to online retailing businesses.